Register an Account & Get Points

Don’t leave your points and freebies behind, register today and let us know!

We’re busy as bees loading points onto every registered customer’s account for all purchases made since January 1, 2020!!

Already have a registered account on You’re set, no action needed! Make sure you’re logged in, then go to your Account page and click Forge Rewards in the left-hand menu to see your Points balance and redemption options.

However, if you’ve made a purchase through, but don’t have a registered account (username, password), then your points are homeless and lonely. Give your points a pampered place to live until you redeem them for free stuff! Here’s how:

Step 1: Register Your Account

  • Click the “Person” icon in the upper-right corner (between Search and Shopping Cart icons)
  • On the My Account page, scroll down to Register
  • Enter your email address (ideally the one used to make purchases as a Guest)
  • Enter your birthdate (get extra birthday points each year!) and click Register
  • Look for a confirmation email and follow the instructions to update your password

Step 2: Let Us Know

Use the form below or send a quick email to so we can load the points associated with your purchases onto your new account. You’ll get a confirmation email within two business days.

Please let us know if there's a different email address you may have used to make purchases on as a Guest. This will help us match up your purchases and correctly assign your points!

Privacy Commitment & Offer Expiration
All information provided through Registration is protected by Forge Hemp Company and will not be shared or sold in any form or capacity. Forge will only access account information internally to award and manage points as part of the Forge Rewards Customer Appreciation Program.

A registered account is required for customers to participate in the Rewards Program and redeem points. Registration is not required to make a purchase as a Guest, however, Guest purchases will not be eligible to receive retroactive/"grandfathered" points after December 1, 2022.