Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Our Top Picks for Every Mom

Treat Mom on Mother’s Day (or Any Time of Year) to High Quality Cannabinoids — Even if She Thinks She’s Not Into Hemp

If your mom is like mine, she’s been a cannabis connoisseur since her freshman year at UC Berkeley in 1969. If your mom isn’t like mine, and thinks hemp is the same as “the Devil’s Lettuce,” read on. We make our top recommendations for exceptional products that will have her rethinking hemp, CBD, and many other cannabinoids.

CBD for Wellness and Relaxation

Mom has probably heard of CBD, but with so many choices in the supermarket and questionable brands making outrageous health claims, she may be overwhelmed or skeptical about which products to try.

Our Pick: Full Spectrum Hemp Chewable Tablets, Acai Berry and Lemonade flavors (1200mg CBD per tin). $24.99 each, or build a custom 3-pack for $22.99 each.

Each great tasting tablet delivers 25mg of CBD, and less than 1mg THC, so no, she’s not getting high. One tablet once or twice a day will have her feeling good during the day and resting better at night. She’ll probably wish she had CBD when you were a kid.

THCV to Support BMI Goals

Tread lightly with this one, the last thing you want to suggest is that she needs to lose a few. But if she’s open about attaining a healthy weight and blood sugar, check out this paper by the National Institutes of Health: Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV): a commentary on potential therapeutic benefit for the management of obesity and diabetes.

Our Pick: Delta-9 THCV Chewable Tablets, with our without an energizing boost of CBG (480mg D9-THCV and 480mg CBG per tin). Lemon Drop, Chocolate Espresso, and Peppermint flavors for $29.99 each, or build a custom 3-pack for $27.99 each.

The best part? They’re non-intoxicating (no high!), so you can bust some myths about THC and support her personal goals at the same time.

CBN for Better Nights

If your mom sleeps like a baby every night, skip this one. If she’s like most adult humans in America and has a tough time falling asleep or staying asleep, she may be open to trying CBN (Cannabinol).

Our Pick: 40 Winks Nighttime CBN Chewable Tablets, Peppermint and Sweet Orange flavors (480mg CBN per tin). $24.99 each, or build a custom 3-pack for $22.99 each.

Not only are chewable tablets easier and less messy than oil tinctures, these flavors provide a final tasty treat before bed. Our personal favorite is Sweet Orange, but all types contain 10mg of CBN each. If mom is a little more adventurous, she may be interested in Berry Sleepy CBN+HHC for a 1-2 punch. Even if she’s potentially sensitive to the euphoric effects of HHC, 10mg is a fairly petite dose and she should be asleep anyway.

CBD Skin Care

CBD is an incredible addition to skin care, but most products don’t contain enough to make a difference. We believe topical products should contain at least 100mg CBD per ounce to get any antioxidant benefits.

Our Pick: CBD Cream for Face, Neck & Décolleté, 2oz with 250mg CBD per ounce. Unscented for sensitive skin, $59.99 each.

This is the best Forge Hemp product you’ve probably never tried, and mom will love it, guaranteed. Super moisturizing, noncomedogenic, reduces redness and evens out skin tone, and it can be used on sensitive skin, de-puffing delicate eye areas, and soften hands, of course.

CBD Topical for Her Pain in the Neck (Not You)

You were a perfect child, never a pain, but aches still happen. How about a non-pharmaceutical topical to add to the arsenal? Or maybe your mom is an ultra-athlete, help her stay limber for the Ragnar Relay.

Our pick: CBD Muscle Gel, 4oz with 250mg CBD Per Ounce (1,000mg CBD per bottle!). $34.99 each or a 2-pack for $27.50 each.

It’s like Icy-Hot but better, with a strong kick of CBD that mom will feel. Fast and fully-absorbing, Muscle Gel is great any time of day or evening without feeling sticky, greasy, or staining clothes. Winner!


If you have questions about cannabinoids or any of our items, please email us at or call us at 1-877-33-HEMP9. We love talking about all things hemp and helping people find the right products.


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