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We Have a Mutual Friend!

Your friend thought you would be interested in our diverse collection of high quality, potent hemp products. Here’s what to do next to rack up first-time purchase points for yourself and your friend.

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How do I earn points for myself and my friend?
1. Register an Account.
Your Account creates a secure and cozy place for your Rewards Points to live until you redeem them for free stuff! We do not share or sell your information. Your account details are only used by Team Forge to manage your Points and Rewards. You must register an Account to receive points and give points to your friend. Register here!

2. Enter the Referral Code. If you clicked your friend’s Referral Link and came directly to this page, that step is done! A cookie stored in your browser links this visit with your friend’s referral. Cookies must be enabled for Referral links to work correctly. You can also enter your friend’s Referral Code on the Cart page (below “Proceed to Checkout”).

3. Complete a Purchase. Your first purchase as a new Forge customer activates special extra points, and when it ships, your friend gets extra points, too! Read on for details.

How many points do I get?
Your first-time purchase through jumpstarts your Rewards Points collection!:

  • 10 Points, AND
  • Double Points on the amount paid for products: Every $10 = 2 Points (excludes discount savings and shipping)

For example, if a first-time customer purchases a 1 gram HHC* with Sky Walker cannabis-derived terpenes using a 15% off coupon ($34.99 minus 15% = $29.74), they get 16 points (10 for placing a first order, 6 for double points on the price of product) — that’s over half way to earning a FREE 1 gram HHC cartridge with Blue Dream or Cereal Milk terpenes!

Since the order is less than $50 and does not qualify for Free Shipping, they will pay $10 for Flat Rate Shipping, so the total at checkout will be $39.74.

How many points do I get on future purchases?
On future orders, you’ll get 1 point for every $10 spent, excluding discounts and Flat Rate Shipping (paid if the order total is less than $50).

What’s in it for my friend who shared the referral link?
When your first order ships, your friend gets the following points:

  • 10 Points, AND
  • 1 Point for every $10 you spend (excludes discount savings and shipping)

*Age-restrictions apply, must be age 21 and older to purchase and/or redeem points for all restricted products.

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Forge Referrals FAQ

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When will points be credited to my account?
Points for the person who made the referral and the first-time customer will be credited when the new customer’s order is complete (eg. paid and shipped).

Do I get points for every dollar spent?
Points are earned for actual dollars spent on products, after discount coupons and sale prices are applied. Flat rate shipping costs on orders under $50 do not qualify to earn points.

I would like to refer a local shop/retailer so I can get Forge products nearby, what should I do?
You have a powerful voice at locally-owned businesses in your community. If you think Forge products would be a good fit at a nearby shop, visit our Retail Referral page and let us know. Whether you would like to contact the store directly, or have us do the outreach, we’ll send them product samples and follow up. If they create a wholesale account and make a purchase, we’ll reward you handsomely with your favorite products.

I’m an existing Forge customer, where do I get my Referral Code to share with friends and family?
To access your unique Referral Code, log into your Account Page and look for Refer a Friend.

I referred people to Forge before this program was in place, can I get points retroactively?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a mechanism to award points for past referrals. However, to thank our many loyal customers, we are launching the Forge Rewards Program in August 2022 with “grandfathered” points balances that reflected all of our customers’ purchases since January 1, 2020!

I have questions about the Referral Program, or I’m having issues with a code, what do I do?
Please contact us at, we’ll gladly help!

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