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Concentrated CBD Balm – 1.5 oz (500mg CBD/oz)$47$23.50
Unscented Face & Body Cream – 2oz (250mg CBD/oz)$67$33.50
Jasmine Citrus Face & Body Cream – 2oz (250mg CBD/oz)$67$33.50
CBD Muscle Gel – 4oz (250mg CBD/oz)$47$23.50
CBD Muscle Gel – 8oz (250mg CBD/oz)$67$33.50
CBD Hemp Lotion – 4oz (100mg CBD/oz)$27$13.50
CBD Hemp Lotion – 8oz (100mg CBD/oz)$47$23.50
1500mg THC-Free Hemp Extract, Natural Flavor – 1oz (1500mg CBD/oz)$97$47.50
[PETS] 1500mg THC-Free Hemp Extract, Farmhouse Bacon Flavor – 1oz (1500mg CBD/oz)$97$47.50