How to Redeem Points

Step by Step Instructions for Redeeming Rewards Points for FREE Stuff!

  • Once you’re logged into your Account, go to Forge Rewards.
  • Your Points Balance will reflect your current points. Points for new purchases are credited to your account when your order ships.
  • When you have enough Points to redeem, qualifying items will be displayed under Available Rewards.
  • To redeem Points for a free item in the Available Rewards list, click Unlock and Apply.
    Please note, this action cannot be undone! As soon as you click an Unlock and Apply button, points for that item will be deducted from your balance, and you will have a coupon code in your Cart for that free item.
  • You will be immediately redirected to the Cart page. You’ll see the item you chose in the product list, and a coupon code for 100% discount of that item applied to the Cart Totals.
  • If you have more Points to redeem, go back to your Forge Rewards account page and select another item.
  • If the Cart Total is less than $50 at Checkout, a Flat Rate shipping fee of $10 will be charged. If other items in the Cart exceed $50, the whole order qualifies for Free Shipping.

Find a Missing Reward Coupon Code

If you clicked Unlock and Apply for a free item, but don’t see the item in your Cart or can’t find the Coupon Code, log in to your account and follow these steps:

  • Coupon Codes for free items you selected will be displayed on the Cart page, right below Coupon Code/Apply Coupon.
    Note: there must be something in the Cart to display available Coupon Codes, other wise it will say “Your Cart is Empty.” If you’re only redeeming coupons for free Rewards items, put something else in your cart, then remove it after activating the coupons.
  • Copy and paste the Coupon Code into the coupon field and click Apply Coupon. You will see that item appear in the list of products, and the cost of that item is deducted from the Cart Total.
  • Coupon codes for items you redeem with Points don’t expire. You can choose when to use them, either as a standalone order, or added to a purchase.