New CBD & CBN Tinctures Now Available!

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, 1500mg CBD per Ounce – New Flavors and New Price
We heard you loud and clear: the flavor of our original tincture in organic hemp seed oil was, well, a little too “natural.” While hemp seed oil is very nutritious, it can be an acquired taste for some. Instead, we blended our premium THC-free CBD distillate with organic fractionated coconut oil and all-natural flavors: Peppermint, Meyer Lemon, Cinnamon, and Grapefruit. With a new lower price and discounted multi-pack options, we’re working to achieve our vision: to bring the benefits of high-quality CBD to more people everywhere. Shop Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures now.

4X CBD Oil – 6,000mg CBD per Ounce!
Sometimes more is more. We’ve received requests over the years from customers and physicians for high-potency CBD tinctures to address specific needs. Our new 4X CBD Oil contains 6,000mg of pure CBD isolate in organic fractionated coconut oil with natural Peppermint or Meyer Lemon flavor. Each 1mL dropper contains 200mg of CBD. As always, consult with your health care provider before trying a new product. Shop 4X CBD Oils now.

New Nighttime CBN Tinctures
Have you heard of CBN (cannabinol)? It’s a hemp-derived compound that is gaining popularity as a sleep aid because it’s non-habit forming, and won’t leave you groggy in the morning. Our tinctures blend pure CBN isolate with organic fractionated coconut oil and natural flavors. Shop CBN tinctures now.

Finest Quality Hemp CBD Products

Might sound old fashioned, but we think you should know what you’re getting, and get what you pay for. Forge Hemp lotion, gel, balm, and creams clearly show the amount of Cannabidiol (CBD) per ounce and are third-party lab tested for purity and potency. Learn more about our values.