Refer a Retailer

If you would like to see Forge Hemp Company products available in a store near you, please let us know! We'll contact the store (ideally the store owner or manager) and send an assortment of samples appropriate for their clientele and location. When they register for a Wholesale Account and place an order, we'll thank you generously with your favorite Forge products! If you have any questions, please contact us at
Any additional information that can help us connect successfully with this business is greatly appreciated!

Retail Referral FAQ

Why does Forge have a Retail Referral program?
After all these years, we’re still convinced that service is more effective than spam, and the ROI on quality is a far stronger than mass marketing. Word of mouth is our number one growth strategy, and we’re committed to earning and retaining each customer with industry-leading quality, service, and value.

The flip side of this approach is that Forge is still unknown in many communities. Our products lack the level of name recognition that other brands have purchased through high-dollar advertising, marketing campaigns, and high-pressure sales reps.

When a retail store hears about Forge from a customer, then has the opportunity to try our product samples and experience the difference, it’s generally an easy choice to make some shelf space for Forge.

What’s in it for me to refer a local shop or business?
We deeply appreciate every referral, regardless of whether or not the shop ultimately decides to partner with Forge. We’ll thank you for a referral, either with Rewards Points or a small gift included in your next order shipment. However, if the shop you refer registers through our Wholesale site and places their first order, we’ll give you Points or free Forge product of your choice equivalent to 10% of their purchase!

Is there a limit to the number of shops I can refer?
No, however, we’re most interested in quality leads, versus quantity. We could easily get a list of shops in the towns where our customers live and make cold calls, but we think being local matters, and relationships matter. So if you’re a familiar face at a business that might carry Forge, or think your friends and neighbors would like to try Forge in a particular local shop, that’s the spirit of this program.

What if I have a unique situation or a question?
Please reach out to us at info@forgehemp, we’d be happy to work with you!