The Forge Hemp Company Holiday Gift Guide – 2021 Edition

Our selection of gifts for every kind of person in your life, from the athlete to the foodie.

With the holidays around the corner, gift-giving is at the forefront of our minds. So to celebrate the first festive reunion since the separation of 2020 (at least for many of you), it’s time to get your loved ones a gift that will keep giving all year long.

Forge is here to help! We’ve put together a handy gift guide for our favorite products (including ours) to give to loved ones this holiday season. 

Read on for our top gift picks for every kind of person in your life! 2021 Holiday Gifts For

  • The Athlete
  • The Globetrotter
  • The Homebody
  • The Glamour Girl (or Guy)
  • The Music Lover
  • The Foodie
  • The Sweet Tooth
  • The Busy Bee

The Athlete

Long hours in the gym or on the hiking trail can leave your favorite athlete aching and sore. Help ease those pains with a cult favorite, Theragun, for deep tissue massage on the go.

Perfect as a companion gift with the massager or paired with a coupon for one free massage from you, our CBD muscle gel makes the ideal post-workout soother. Combining the healing power of CBD with warming and cooling essential oils, it’s comfort in a bottle for aching and overused muscles.

Bonus: there’s nothing better than music to inspire a workout, and these noise-canceling headphones will help your favorite athlete ignore all distractions as they enter beast mode. 

The Globetrotter

Give your favorite world traveler the gift of on-the-go euphoria with a CBD tincture to combat jet lag and get better sleep in unfamiliar beds, or a concentrated CBD Balm to treat stiff muscles (you can also use our CBD Balm to soothe sunburns and bug bites). 

Fitting in all those souvenirs can be overwhelming, so give a gift that encourages them to bring a few things home for you! A set of collapsible packing cubes makes it easy to load up and hit the road.

The only thing worse than “plane neck” is having to cart a giant neck pillow around for your whole trip. This handy padded scarf works as well as a bulky pillow and fits easily in your carry-on.

The Homebody

There’s nothing better this time of year than staying cozy under a warm blanket–and this weighted blanket takes comfort to the next level.

Give your homebody friend the gift of satisfaction with a fun, challenging puzzle. This puzzle version of Hokusai’s iconic painting of the great wave fits the bill.

A soothing CBD tincture is the perfect companion for a relaxing evening at home, helping you unwind as you let your worries drift away. Our CBD-packed, cinnamon-flavored hemp extract tastes great, dropped into a mug of hot cocoa or dissolved under the tongue for instant relief. 

The Glamour Girl (or Guy)

Heralded for its restorative powers, CBD is the buzziest new ingredient in the beauty industry, and we bet the skincare lover in your life is ready to give it a try. Smooth and soothe dry skin with our luxuriant CBD cream, which absorbs quickly to give skin deep hydration and an instant glow.

Scents make excellent gifts, but they’re so personal it can be easy to get it wrong. Help them find their signature scent with a perfume sampling flight that comes with credit towards their favorite bottle.

If their bathroom is an explosion of lotions, potions, and creams, this gorgeous makeup storage tower makes the perfect gift. Not only will it help clean up their clutter, but it’s also a statement design piece.

The Music Lover

Concerts are happening again, and we bet the music lover in your life already has a long list of shows to see. Elevate their experience with an on-the-go melon flavored sublingual Delta-8 aerosol spray, which provides an instant dose of the euphoric power of Delta-8* that takes live music to the next level (just make sure they take an Uber). 

If they’re listening at home, give them these vintage-inspired headphones designed to create a surround sound experience (and look cool).

Help them make new musical discoveries with a subscription to a record of the month club. Choose their favorite genre and format for a musical gift that keeps giving all year long.

*Please note that there are restrictions surrounding the sale and purchase of Delta-8 THC products in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

The Foodie

Your loved one deserves an apron that works as hard as they do. These restaurant industry favorites are sturdy and well designed.

If your beloved foodie is anything like the chefs in our lives, they know there’s no such thing as too much garlic. So gift them an HHC syringe with Garlic Jam cannabis-derived terpenes for a delicious dose of potent HHC. It provides complex flavor and inspiration to butters and oils to whip up some absolute bangers in the kitchen. 

Sure, they probably already own six different kinds of olive oil, but this super fancy extra virgin in a UV coated white bottle is destined to earn a place of pride on the oil shelf.

Pro Tip: You must dissolve HHC in oil (like most cannabinoids), but after you take that step, you’re good to go!

The Sweet Tooth

What’s better than candy? Candy that gives you a dose of euphoric bliss, of course! Give your sweet-toothed sweetheart an HHC gummy variety pack in Blue Razzberry and Pomegranate Lemalade so they can taste the rainbow and experience the delightful Wonkaesque journey through Candyland.

Speaking of journeys, take your candy lover on a whirlwind tour with a Candies of the World subscription box. They can try a new candy every month and discover a world of sweets.

If they’re more of the DIY type, you can’t beat a classic stand mixer. Perfect for whipping up cookies, cakes, and pretty much any dessert you can imagine, they’ll treasure it for life.

The Busy Bee

Slouching over a desk all day isn’t great on anyone’s back. So help align your hard worker with a standing desk, so they can stay productive without sacrificing spinal health.

Staying on task can be a challenge, but this color-coded box timer helps ensure productivity by segmenting out your day. Help them stay focused, and know when it’s time to take a break!

If work from home has turned into work forever, help your busy bee unwind with our Delta-8 Tablets, designed to alleviate their stress. With 10mg of Delta-8* in each sweet, chewable tablet (25 tablets per child-resistant container), it’s the perfect non-alcoholic way to unwind. 

*Please note that there are restrictions surrounding the sale and purchase of Delta-8 THC products in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

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