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How to Safely Purchase HHC Products including HHC Gummies Online (and Read a Certificate of Analysis)

HHC is a cannabinoid receiving increasing attention from consumers and brands, but much of the HHC sold online today is misrepresented. Here’s everything you need to know to stay safe.

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is a hemp-derived cannabinoid found in trace amounts in hemp seeds and pollen.  

While there are genuinely excellent HHC products out there (ours, for example), there are also a growing number of unscrupulous producers seeking to profit off inferior, and sometimes even dangerous, versions of this increasingly popular cannabinoid. 

That’s why we decided to do our community a solid by putting together a handy guide to enjoying HHC safely and responsibly. 

In addition, our blog features a section designed specifically to help you read an HHC Certificate of Analysis, also known as a COA.

How is HHC made?

Before we tell you how to spot high-quality HHC, let’s discuss how HHC is made.

In a nutshell, HHC starts with raw hemp plants that are extracted to become powdered CBD isolate. Then the extracted powdered CBD undergoes a chemical reaction to become Delta-8 THC. 

Lastly, the Delta-8 undergoes a complex phase of hydrogenation, similar to processes used to produce hydrogenated food oils. In the end, HHC has a unique chemical structure that is different from any type of THC and matches HHC found naturally in low quantities in hemp seeds and pollen.

Unfortunately, some products marketed as pure HHC aren’t hemp-derived and are illegal, if not downright dangerous. A non-hemp-based synthetic product that is somewhat chemically similar to HHC is known as “spice.” 

And some manufacturers haven’t mastered hydrogenation, producing a product that is primarily unconverted Delta-8 THC or an unwanted cocktail of minor cannabinoids or unknown compounds. Finally, some products simply pretend to be HHC, with no backing to support their claims. 

So how do you spot the real deal from the fakes? 

gloved hands hold cannabis plant

Why should you buy HHC Products online? 

There are a few reasons to buy HHC online—some fun, and some due to safety and quality. 

  • Product Selection

Let’s start with the fun stuff. Buying HHC online means you have access to a more extensive product selection than you might find in a brick-and-mortar store. And if you purchase online from Forge Hemp Co, you’ll enjoy quick, hassle-free shipping.

  • HHC Deals

Buying online also means you can purchase directly from your preferred HHC brand, taking advantage of occasional sales and promotions.

  • Lab Reports

One of the most compelling reasons to purchase HHC online is the ability to take advantage of a company’s digital paper trail. A reputable HHC producer will be excited to show you the details of their products’ source and chemical composition, so you can make sure you’re getting a high-quality version of the real deal. Reading lab reports is essential to understanding what the HHC product you’re consuming contains.

  • COA Access

A Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a verified report that provides information about a specific product sample, the company that submitted the sample, and the testing lab itself. For example, a COA for genuine HHC will show you the presence (or not) and potency of many cannabinoids, including HHC.

Forge Hemp website

How to Read a COA

When reading an HHC COA, you’ll first want to identify the lab that performed the analysis. 

Since concentrated HHC is so new, there are currently only a handful of testing labs in the United States with the analytical standards to accurately identify and measure its potency. Those include Gobi Analytical, KCA Laboratories, and ACS Laboratory.

kca labs logo
gobi hemp logo

It’s a red flag if you don’t see any of these lab names on the COA of the HHC you’re considering. 

Unfortunately, according to the experts at KCA Laboratories, less-scrupulous brands are labeling (and selling) products with different chemical structures as “HHC.” 

Not only is this practice sneaky and confusing, but it also has the potential to cause real trouble.

While HHC has been studied for safety in humans and animals since its discovery in the 1940s, knockoff compounds haven’t undergone this testing. 

As a result, these falsely labeled compounds will disappoint consumers and may even violate the 2018 Farm Bill that makes it legal to enjoy hemp products like genuine HHC.

Where should you buy HHC online?

Sounds scary, right? And nobody likes to get scammed. But if you’re worried about accidentally purchasing fake HHC online, don’t stress; we’re here to help you out with an easy checklist you can use to confirm your sources.

Here are the top three things to look out for when determining if that HHC you found online is the real deal:

1. Is the COA from Gobi Analytical or KCA Laboratories, with a QR code?

Some fake HHC producers are sneakily adding the logo of the reputable labs that perform HHC analysis to trick consumers. 

Real lab reports include scannable QR codes right on the document, so you can scan any COA and make sure it’s identical to the information listed on the testing lab’s site. No QR code? No thanks.


2. Does the COA identify the brand or seller as the client?

Disreputable brands sometimes “borrow” good test results to represent untested products. Some hemp sellers have good intentions but may have partnered with a laboratory or supplier that provided inaccurate results, and some might just be sneaky. Either way, while third-party testing is expensive for sellers, it’s required to keep consumers like you safe and informed.

Gobi Hemp COA

3. Does the COA show appropriate levels of 9R-HHC & 9S-HHC?
Pure HHC, without added terpenes or other blended ingredients, should have 98%+ 9R-HHC and 9S-HHC. There may be trace amounts of Delta-8 THC present (less than 0.3%) and trace minor cannabinoids, such as CBN or CBC.

Terpenes are generally added to vape products at 2.5-5.5%, and edibles or tinctures will include other non-cannabinoid ingredients that reduce the overall HHC content to a specific amount (e.g., 10mg, 25mg, 50mg per serving).

A COA for HHC products should not show significant percentages of “unknown cannabinoids,” or THC or minor cannabinoids unless advertised as intentionally added ingredients. In a recent paper, KCA Labs details the scientific method for identifying authentic HHC from fake HHC and other cannabinoids.

Checking the COA components mentioned above doesn’t guarantee that the product you purchase from any company (aside from Forge Hemp Co) is real HHC. Still, it can empower you to make informed decisions about a new cannabinoid in a largely unregulated industry.

If you have questions about HHC, our exclusive HHC supplier (Colorado Chromatography Labs), or our COAs, please email us at We’re passionate about high-quality, genuine HHC, and we want you to be too!


the compounds oof thc and cbd next to Forge Hemp cbd tincture

THC & CBD Tinctures: Everything You Need To Know About The Differences

Here’s everything we want you to know about the differences between THC and CBD tinctures. 

As hemp and marijuana products become legal across the United States, many of us are enjoying new experiences provided by “major” and “minor” cannabinoids. 

But with this influx of new products comes a host of questions! For example, people are often confused by the differences between certain products, like CBD and THC tinctures. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this handy guide where we answer questions like, “What is CBD?” and “Are CBD tinctures effective?” 

Let’s take a close look.

What is CBD?

First, let’s define some terms. What is CBD?

Found in all cannabis plants, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is considered one of the two “major” cannabinoids, along with the better-known THC. Our CBD is hemp-derived, which is why, based on the 2018 Farm Bill, Forge Hemp Company CBD products are legal to purchase and consume in all 50 states. 

Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. It’s also non-addictive, according to studies from the World Health Organization.

Many people consider CBD a more accessible, more relaxing alternative to the intoxicating cannabinoid THC—and one that anyone can easily incorporate into their everyday wellness routine.

What is a CBD tincture?

So now you know what CBD is, but how – and why – do people consume CBD tinctures? What is a CBD tincture made from, anyway?

CBD tinctures (also commonly called hemp tinctures) are made by suspending pure CBD in a carrier oil, like coconut or hemp seed oil, sometimes with oil-soluble flavorings, such as cinnamon or peppermint oil. 

The CBD in tinctures is derived directly from hemp plants. Along with the CBD and carrier oil, CBD tinctures may include additional ingredients such as supplements, flavorings, terpenes, and essential oils.

Offering a range of potency depending on the brand and formulation, CBD tinctures have a long shelf life and don’t need to be refrigerated. They also provide a high level of bioavailability, which means it’s easy for your body to absorb.

Forge Hemp's mint CBD tincture
thc tincture

What is a THC tincture?

We’ve covered CBD, but what is a THC tincture? In the simplest terms, THC tinctures are nearly identical in their makeup and manufacturing to CBD tinctures, save for one crucial ingredient: THC. 

Unlike CBD, THC is an intoxicating cannabis cannabinoid. It might surprise you to learn that until cannabis prohibition started in 1937, THC tinctures were the most common cannabis consumption method in the US. 

During that era, many producers blended THC with medicinal herbs to develop potent tinctures—and today, thanks to increasing legalization, THC tinctures are making a comeback.

Unlike the somewhat suspicious formulations of old-school patent medicines, commercial THC tinctures are made in the same standardized way as CBD tinctures. Carrier oils are infused with THC and other active ingredients and flavorings.

THC tinctures can also be added to food and drink and offer similar bioavailability and stability of formulation as CBD tinctures do.

What is the difference between a THC and CBD Tincture?

While the processes used to make them are similar, as we’ve already mentioned, there are significant differences in the physical and mental impact of THC and CBD tinctures. 

THC tinctures bind with the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain to produce a psychoactive effect. 

Many people use it to treat insomnia, inflammation, and other disorders that studies suggest may be positively impacted by cannabis. However, THC tinctures are only available in certain states due to their illegality at a federal level. 

While CBD tinctures interact with the endocannabinoid system, their effects are less intense. 

CBD tinctures can be used for many ailments that THC tinctures treat but are non-intoxicating. This means that you can safely consume CBD tinctures throughout the day without worrying about their impact on your mental clarity. 

And again, thanks to the Farm Bill’s rules for hemp sales, hemp-derived CBD tinctures are also legally available throughout the entire United States.

What does CBD tincture do?

What kind of experience can you expect from a CBD tincture? 

People often find CBD tinctures helpful in addressing various ailments and discomforts – it’s also a helpful mood booster. Here are some other reasons folks commonly consume CBD tinctures: 

  • Relieve occasional anxiety
  • Ease aches and pains 
  • Reduce inflammation throughout the body
  • Help reduce sadness and even out mood
  • Help soothe skin and reduce breakouts

But by no means is this a complete list! 

More research needs to be done to determine CBD’s potential applications. When looking into how to use a tincture of CBD to boost your functionality, it’s worth experimenting to find what works for you.

How should you consume a CBD tincture?

For the quickest absorption rates, experts recommend consuming CBD tinctures sublingually or, in everyday language, by placing a few drops under your tongue. This allows your body to absorb the tincture’s active ingredients quickly.

However, if you’re not a fan of how your tincture tastes, you can add it to anything you consume. 

Drop your dose into a glass of water, juice, or tea, or mix it into any food. While CBD takes a bit longer to be absorbed through the stomach, sometimes slow and steady does win the race!

woman taking forge hemp cbd tincture

Are CBD tinctures effective?

So now you know how to use a tincture, but does it work? The answer is yes!

While more research needs to be conducted to discover the full potential of CBD, many studies have shown that CBD improves or eliminates a variety of ailments and poses a low risk of negative side effects. Therefore, CBD tinctures can be a valuable addition to many people’s wellness routine, helping them thrive with the power of plant medicine.

a grid of Forge Hemp's tinctures

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What is the “Sleep Cannabinoid” CBN?

What is the “Sleep Cannabinoid” CBN? 

CBN (Cannabinol) is emerging as a popular “minor” cannabinoid. Here’s everything we think you should know about it. 

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with the two most famous cannabinoids—CBD and THC. But as research into this intriguing plant expands, we’ve discovered that these prominent cannabinoids are accompanied by a host of other so-called “minor cannabinoids,” each creating distinctive benefits and effects.

One of the most popular of these is CBN (Cannabinol), a minor cannabinoid receiving a lot of attention. 

But what is CBN? And what does CBN do? 

Let’s take a closer look at this intriguing “minor” cannabinoid.

What is CBN?

So, what’s CBN? 

CBN is a cannabinoid with a unique chemical structure that interacts with the brain’s endocannabinoid system differently from CBD or THC. 

It’s considered the “sleep cannabinoid,” and that’s for a good reason. Experts believe CBN interacts with our bodies to promote restful sleep. 

At Forge Hemp Company, we formulate our THC-free CBN tinctures with CBN and beneficial ingredients like Melatonin to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer naturally. After all, sleep is essential for healthy living, and most people don’t get enough of it

What does CBN Stand for?

CBN is short for cannabinol, the full name of the compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant to create it. 

One of more than one hundred minor cannabinoids, CBN is earning a positive reputation for its unique properties. 

What is CBN used for?

Now we know what CBN is, but what does CBN do (hint: we touched on it briefly above)? Researchers are just starting to discover CBNs full benefits, but here’s what we know so far:

CBN Benefits:

  • Antibacterial

A 2008 study suggests CBN oil might assist with antibiotic-resistant infections, making it a potential treatment for drug-resistant bacteria.

  • Improved Sleep

Today, CBN is commonly known as a helpful tool for improved sleep. 

  • Neuroprotectant

Experts think CBN distillate may help protect your brain’s neurons from damage, which can support higher brain function and health.

  • Anti Inflammatory

Like many other cannabinoids, researchers think CBN may reduce inflammation within the body. 

  • Appetite Stimulant

If you’re having trouble eating, CBN may help stimulate your appetite in the same way THC does. 

These are just a few of the CBN benefits that have been discovered by researchers so far, although anecdotally plenty of people are consuming the cannabinoid for alternative reasons.

Is CBN intoxicating?

Research suggests that CBN alone doesn’t create the sensation of intoxication associated with THC.

However, both THC and CBN bind to the CB1 receptors within your endocannabinoid system, the mechanism that creates the sensation of a traditional THC high. While CBN binds to receptors at one-tenth the strength of THC, this may explain anecdotal reports of experiencing a high from pure CBN.

CBN can also increase the effects of THC, amplifying the euphoria it creates. So if you want to take a THC experience to the next level, CBN can help.

Is CBN suitable for anxiety?

While the benefits of CBN are still being studied, it does appear to be helpful in alleviating anxiety. 

People who struggle with anxiety find that CBN evens out their moods, decreasing the frequency and intensity of anxious episodes. 

CBN might help counter the paranoia and anxiety high THC doses can produce in some people. People who struggle with the harmful effects of too much THC may find that CBN helps them mellow out, experiencing a more enjoyable experience.

How does CBN affect the body?

CBN creates a relaxed, easy feeling throughout the body, a deeply soothing and sedating sensation. It also has potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 

As we mentioned above, CBN’s relaxation boosting properties make it particularly effective for improved sleep. It creates a calming, grounded sensation that many find profoundly comforting and reassuring, helping relieve anxiety and strain.

Can you smoke CBN?

Yes! Like CBD and THC, CBN can be smoked in flower form.

However, it’s less common to find CBN flower (although the THC in aged cannabis eventually becomes CBN) than it is to find CBD distillates of various kinds. 

CBN distillates, tinctures, and oils are relatively easy to find and can be added to cannabis or your favorite herbal cigarette if you prefer a smoking experience.

How long does it take for CBN to kick in?

After taking your CBN tincture, oil, or supplement, you can expect to feel the effects fairly quickly.

CBN products start kicking in about half an hour after consumption, but if you’re not feeling anything by that time, don’t rush to take a second dose. It can take up to three hours to feel the effects, so if you’re not sure if your dose is working, give yourself at least an hour before you increase it.

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Forge Delta-8 Nano Spray Citrus

What is Delta-8 THC? An Exploration of One of Today’s Most Talked About Cannabinoids

Products containing Delta-8 THC, a naturally-occurring hemp-derived cannabinoid, have been growing in popularity across the United States. 

These days, you can find Delta-8 THC products even in states where cannabis is prohibited. That explains why it’s a popular alternative to the traditional THC products you’re likely to find in a legal cannabis dispensary. 

But what is Delta-8 THC? Do Delta-8 products actually contain THC? And why is Delta-8 THC (mostly) legal? 

Keep reading! Let’s take a closer look at this popular new cannabinoid.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a compound naturally found in both marijuana and hemp, but most of the Delta-8 THC products currently available on the market are sourced from hemp.

Manufacturers use modern refining and distillation processes to source this powerful compound from the raw materials of industrial hemp, creating a natural alternative for those who don’t have access to marijuana-sourced THC products.

How is Delta-8 THC Made?

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) begins as hemp-derived Cannabidiol isolate, the pure powdered form of CBD.

Manufacturers use a solvent and catalyst to break down the CBD, essentially “closing the loop” to create the Delta-8 THC bond. This helps create the Delta-8 THC effects that mirror the impact of traditional marijuana-based THC by mimicking that molecule’s structure and how it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

Is Delta-8 Natural or Synthetic?

So, given that process, is Delta-8 THC synthetic? In short, no. 

Delta-8 THC is a naturally-occurring compound made from hemp plant-derived CBD, so chemists consider it a natural product. While Delta-8 requires refining, that doesn’t change its natural product status. 

Does Delta-8 Have THC?

Delta-8 is a type of THC and is similar in structure to the Delta-9 THC found abundantly in marijuana. In fact, when you break down the Delta-8/Delta-9 THC difference, it all comes down to a single molecule.

So the answer to the question, “Does Delta-8 have THC in it?” is yes, but that doesn’t mean the experience is the same as consuming the type of THC found in marijuana. The THC structure contained within Delta-8 is different, and so are the effects on your body.

cannabis leaf in a dish next to beakers

Is Delta-8 the Same as CBD?

While Delta-8 is refined from hemp-derived CBD, Delta-8 THC is not the same. 

So what’s the difference? Delta-8 THC is a hemp-based product that’s been further refined to amplify its euphoric effects (it’ll get you high). We realize this is somewhat confusing, so let’s take a closer look at the differences.

CBD vs. Delta-8 THC

CBD isn’t intoxicating at average doses – but it’s still considered “psychoactive” because CBD helps calm brain receptors, reduces stress, and promotes restful sleep. People often think “psychoactive” means intoxicating. However, in reality, it’s both. 

CBD produces relaxing effects within the body and the mind, but will not leave you feeling “high.” In contrast, Delta-8 impacts the mind and body with euphoric feelings that vary with the amount consumed.

Can you take CBD and Delta-8 Together? Yes, You Can. 

What happens when you consume CBD and Delta-8 THC simultaneously?

The answer is amplification. Pairing Delta-8 and CBD together can boost both arenas of wellness, euphoria, and relaxation. Many brands (like us) offer products that combine the benefits of CBD and Delta-8 THC so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Does Delta-8 Get You High?

Now we’ve got our terms straight, let’s get down to the essential question; will Delta-8 THC get you high?

Let’s break it down to learn more about how a Delta-8 high feels.

Does Delta-8 Get You High Like Delta-9 THC?

What does Delta-8 THC feel like? It’s similar to the more familiar marijuana THC high but with a Delta-8 twist.

While it activates the same receptors in the endocannabinoid system, the Delta-8 THC feeling is less intense than the high created by marijuana-based THC products purchased from a legal dispensary.

What Does Delta-8 Do to The Body?

Many people consume Delta-8 THC the same way they’d take CBD or traditional THC. Still, the question remains what is Delta-8 suitable for? 

Delta-8 THC can create feelings of ease and comfort within the body, helping lessen inflammation and reduce minor aches and pains. In addition, many people like incorporating Delta-8 THC into their overall wellness routines to help support exercise or encourage restful sleep.

What are Delta-8 Effects?

Within the mind, Delta-8 THC produces effects that are also similar to the impact of marijuana-based THC.

Many consumers report experiencing relaxation and euphoria after consuming Delta-8 THC products. It can lead to general feelings of positivity and energetic flow; instant good vibes.

How Long Does a Delta-8 High Last?

A Delta-8 high is like a conventional marijuana high in that it varies considerably depending on several factors.

In general, a Delta-8 high can last anywhere from 3-8 hours, depending on the dose, potency, and physical response to the compound.

woman wrapped in blanket smiling

Is Delta-8 Legal?

One factor is the source. If it’s extracted from marijuana, you’re out of luck. 

But the rules for hemp-based Delta-8 THC are different! Hemp and hemp extracts are legal in the US, making hemp-sourced Delta-8 an excellent alternative for people living in places where recreational and medical marijuana are still against the law.

Is Delta-8 Legal in all States?

Because it’s extracted from hemp, based on the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-8 is currently Federally legal (but not FDA approved). Still, some states have taken it upon themselves to declare Delta-8 THC illegal. As of the time of this publication, those states are:

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, or Vermont..

Always consult your state and local laws to determine if Delta-8 is permitted in your area.

What Products Can Include Delta-8? 

Technically legal (at least in most places), definitely fun, and available in many forms, it’s no wonder Delta-8 THC is gaining popularity. So let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite forms to explore:


Delta-8 chewables are one of our favorite ways to consume this intriguing cannabinoid. Our Delta-8 chewable tablets are delicious and easy to consume and dose, so they’re an excellent way to get your daily Delta-8 THC dose. You can take a whole tablet or bite it in half for a micro-dosed experience.

Delta-8 chewable tablets


Delta-8 tinctures are an easy way to get your dose when you’re on the go. And if, like us, you nano-emulsify your tincture and package it in aerosol spray form, it’s even better! So toss a spray in your backpack or purse for Delta-8 THC access on-demand.

Aerosol Spray Delta-8


Many cannabis fans living in a state with sanctions against weed enjoy hemp flower sprayed with Delta-8 for the legal simulacrum of the smoking experience it provides. A little old school and highly tactile, this form of Delta-8 is for those who like getting hands-on.

Are you ready to explore Delta-8 THC? Click here to place an order from Forge Hemp Company.

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements made regarding these products. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare professionals. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. 

The Forge Hemp Company Holiday Gift Guide - 2021 Edition

Our selection of gifts for every kind of person in your life, from the athlete to the foodie.

With the holidays around the corner, gift-giving is at the forefront of our minds. So to celebrate the first festive reunion since the separation of 2020 (at least for many of you), it’s time to get your loved ones a gift that will keep giving all year long.

Forge is here to help! We’ve put together a handy gift guide for our favorite products (including ours) to give to loved ones this holiday season. 

Read on for our top gift picks for every kind of person in your life!

The Athlete

Long hours in the gym or on the hiking trail can leave your favorite athlete aching and sore. Help ease those pains with a cult favorite, Theragun, for deep tissue massage on the go.

Perfect as a companion gift with the massager or paired with a coupon for one free massage from you, our CBD muscle gel makes the ideal post-workout soother. Combining the healing power of CBD with warming and cooling essential oils, it’s comfort in a bottle for aching and overused muscles.

Bonus: there’s nothing better than music to inspire a workout, and these noise-canceling headphones will help your favorite athlete ignore all distractions as they enter beast mode. 

CBD Muscle Gel
Concentrated CBD Balm Open Tin

The Globetrotter

Give your favorite world traveler the gift of on-the-go euphoria with a CBD tincture to combat jet lag and get better sleep in unfamiliar beds, or a concentrated CBD Balm to treat stiff muscles (you can also use our CBD Balm to soothe sunburns and bug bites). 

Fitting in all those souvenirs can be overwhelming, so give a gift that encourages them to bring a few things home for you! A set of collapsible packing cubes makes it easy to load up and hit the road.

The only thing worse than “plane neck” is having to cart a giant neck pillow around for your whole trip. This handy padded scarf works as well as a bulky pillow and fits easily in your carry-on.

The Homebody

There’s nothing better this time of year than staying cozy under a warm blanket–and this weighted blanket takes comfort to the next level.

Give your homebody friend the gift of satisfaction with a fun, challenging puzzle. This puzzle version of Hokusai’s iconic painting of the great wave fits the bill.

A soothing CBD tincture is the perfect companion for a relaxing evening at home, helping you unwind as you let your worries drift away. Our CBD-packed, cinnamon-flavored hemp extract tastes great, dropped into a mug of hot cocoa or dissolved under the tongue for instant relief.

Jasmine Citrus CBD Cream

The Glamour Girl (or Guy)

Heralded for its restorative powers, CBD is the buzziest new ingredient in the beauty industry, and we bet the skincare lover in your life is ready to give it a try. Smooth and soothe dry skin with our luxuriant CBD cream, which absorbs quickly to give skin deep hydration and an instant glow.

Scents make excellent gifts, but they’re so personal it can be easy to get it wrong. Help them find their signature scent with a perfume sampling flight that comes with credit towards their favorite bottle.

If their bathroom is an explosion of lotions, potions, and creams, this gorgeous makeup storage tower makes the perfect gift. Not only will it help clean up their clutter, but it’s also a statement design piece.

The Music Lover

Concerts are happening again, and we bet the music lover in your life already has a long list of shows to see. Elevate their experience with an on-the-go melon flavored sublingual Delta-8 aerosol spray, which provides an instant dose of the euphoric power of Delta-8* that takes live music to the next level (just make sure they take an Uber). 

If they’re listening at home, give them these vintage-inspired headphones designed to create a surround sound experience (and look cool).

Help them make new musical discoveries with a subscription to a record of the month club. Choose their favorite genre and format for a musical gift that keeps giving all year long.

*Please note that there are restrictions surrounding the sale and purchase of Delta-8 THC products in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

Melon Nano Delta-8 Sublingual Aerosol Spraying
HHC Syringe

The Foodie

Your loved one deserves an apron that works as hard as they do. These restaurant industry favorites are sturdy and well designed.

If your beloved foodie is anything like the chefs in our lives, they know there’s no such thing as too much garlic. So gift them an HHC syringe with Garlic Jam cannabis-derived terpenes for a delicious dose of potent HHC. It provides complex flavor and inspiration to butters and oils to whip up some absolute bangers in the kitchen. 

Sure, they probably already own six different kinds of olive oil, but this super fancy extra virgin in a UV coated white bottle is destined to earn a place of pride on the oil shelf.

Pro Tip: You must dissolve HHC in oil (like most cannabinoids), but after you take that step, you’re good to go!

The Sweet Tooth

What’s better than candy? Candy that gives you a dose of euphoric bliss, of course! Give your sweet-toothed sweetheart an HHC gummy variety pack in Blue Razzberry and Pomegranate Lemalade so they can taste the rainbow and experience the delightful Wonkaesque journey through Candyland.

Speaking of journeys, take your candy lover on a whirlwind tour with a Candies of the World subscription box. They can try a new candy every month and discover a world of sweets.

If they’re more of the DIY type, you can’t beat a classic stand mixer. Perfect for whipping up cookies, cakes, and pretty much any dessert you can imagine, they’ll treasure it for life.

Forge HHC Gummies
Forge Hemp Delta-8 Tablets

The Busy Bee

Slouching over a desk all day isn’t great on anyone’s back. So help align your hard worker with a standing desk, so they can stay productive without sacrificing spinal health.

Staying on task can be a challenge, but this color-coded box timer helps ensure productivity by segmenting out your day. Help them stay focused, and know when it’s time to take a break!

If work from home has turned into work forever, help your busy bee unwind with our Delta-8 Tablets, designed to alleviate their stress. With 10mg of Delta-8* in each sweet, chewable tablet (25 tablets per child-resistant container), it’s the perfect non-alcoholic way to unwind. 

*Please note that there are restrictions surrounding the sale and purchase of Delta-8 THC products in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

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Forge HHC Gummies

What is HHC? THC Feels Without THC Legality

HHC is a natural, hemp-derived compound that produces psychoactive effects similar to THC. 

These days, new cannabinoids are popping up everywhere! Progressing far beyond the old school stalwarts of CBD and THC, modern techniques have uncovered a new world of compounds to explore.

One of the most exciting of these is HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol), which is getting a lot of buzz today for the wellness benefits it offers. 

So let’s take a closer look at this fascinating new hemp-derived discovery.

What is HHC?

You might know it’s related to cannabis somehow, but what is HHC?

HHC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid made from hemp seeds and pollen. And while it’s not THC, HHC produces similar psychoactive effects and benefits.

Here’s the best part: hemp-derived HHC, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, is perfectly legal to purchase and consume in most states. That’s why we say HHC gives “THC feels without THC legality.” HHC offers mild psychoactivity similar to THC, meaning it has recreational applications — or helps you relax or sleep, depending on how much you consume. 

Naturally occurring within hemp, humans have consumed HHC for as long as they’ve consumed cannabis. However, it’s only due to recent advances in refining technology that we’ve been able to isolate the compound for consumption so you can reap its unique benefits and legal status.

What Does HHC Stand For?

HHC is short for hexahydrocannabinol. 

It’s a bit of a mouthful (hence the more prevalent use of the shortened name), but HHC, meaning hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the many compounds naturally occurring within the hemp plant. It helps support the medicinal and recreational uses of hemp and has powerful wellness potential when consumed on its own.

Is HHC a Cannabinoid?

Yep, HHC is a cannabinoid! The HHC cannabinoid is just one of the over one hundred individual cannabinoids that have been isolated from hemp and cannabis plants (that we know of today – there are likely thousands of potentially beneficial cannabinoids present in cannabis and hemp. We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface).

HHC’s status as a cannabinoid, however, does not mean it’s the same thing as cannabis; it’s a unique compound with distinct properties and potential. Still, HHC shares more with its Delta-9-THC cousin than most folks realize, which helps to explain the shared psychoactivity among both compounds. 

Is there THC in HHC?

While HHC can produce a psychoactive effect (as previously mentioned), it’s not the same thing as the more common THC. However, it may still contain up to 0.3% Delta-8 THC, along with other cannabinoids, such as CBC and CBN. These compounds bind to cannabinoid receptors in your body and work in synch with the HHC itself to create a unique experience.

What are the *Benefits of HHC?

HHC is still new enough that many studies are in progress to determine its potential uses, so the list below is only the start of HHC’s possible benefits. So far, it looks like HHC benefits are similar to the benefits of other forms of THC, including:

  • Help to reduce general inflammation 
  • Helps to even out mood and reduce anxiety
  • Can help support appetite and reduce nausea
  • Helps promote a more restful, restorative sleep
  • Assists in pain management

There are several studies in progress to determine potential therapeutic uses for HHC, so watch this space!

What are the Effects of HHC?

The effects of HHC vary from person to person, and depend mainly on dosage.

It works similarly to THC, so if you have experience consuming cannabis, you’re likely familiar with some of the effects of THC at high dosages. Lower dosages can create a more energizing effect, helping motivate and activate consumers and promote restful sleep at bedtime.

woman at ease in nature

Does HHC Get You High?

Just like THC, HHC binds to the receptors within your endocannabinoid system that help produce the effects of THC within your body and mind.

HHC can produce THC-like effects within the endocannabinoid systems at high enough doses, although it’s less potent than THC-packed cannabis strains. 

According to some urban legends, HHC also has the added benefit of not showing up on drug tests that measure for cannabis. However, the evidence, at this point, is mainly anecdotal! So we don’t suggest that you take any chances. Only the most sophisticated tests can reliably and accurately discern the difference between THC and HHC since they are so molecularly similar. It’s not worth the risk.

What is HHC High Like?

Experienced HHC consumers report a variety of experiences. For the peak of two or three hours, they may experience reduced pain or anxiety, as well as an energy boost.

There are also positive mental effects. 

HHC fans say they feel a deep sense of well-being accompanied by an elevated mood. In addition, it helps sharpen their mental states, creating feelings of focus and attentiveness to the surrounding world. This combination may explain why so many people love adding HHC to their wellness routines. 

What is an HHC Vape?

One of the most popular ways for first-time consumers to experiment with HHC is in vape form. HHC vapes can be used with any compatible vaporizer, meaning you can plug a cartridge into any 510-thread battery you own and enjoy the effects. 

This plug-and-play ease means that HHC vapes are a reliable go-to for many first-time consumers–but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way! 

In What Forms is HHC Available?

As its popularity grows, HHC is available in an increasing number of forms. So let’s take a closer look at the wide world of HHC products to help you find your perfect fit.

HHC Gummies

Like traditional cannabis-derived gummies are infused with THC or CBD, HHC Gummies are packed with edible HHC. Still, you won’t find HHC gummies in many places right now aside from Forge Hemp Company. We’ve proudly developed and launched the industry’s first HHC gummy, and while there are now others following in our footsteps, the quality isn’t the same. 

Fans of our HHC gummies love the ease of consumption and dosage, reliability, and of course, effects. 

HHC Cartridges

As discussed earlier, HHC Cartridges are a trendy way to experiment with HHC for the first time, using hardware you already own. Cartridges are also a good pick if you’re looking for quick effects and more control over your dose, allowing you to consume as much or little as you desire.

HHC Pucks

Functioning similarly to a traditional cannabis dab, HHC Pucks are HHC distillates you can add to any edible or smokable product you desire. Fans love pucks for their versatility of both dosage and consumption options–indeed, a choose-your-own-adventure situation!

HHC Syringes

If you don’t like the idea of getting sticky, HHC Syringes can provide an easy alternative to pucks, with the added benefit of making precise dosage easy. Lines on the side help you understand precisely how much HHC you’re dispensing, so you can regulate your experience with ease. Simply heat and squeeze.

HHC and Terpenes

Last but not least, let’s take a closer look at how cannabis-derived terpenes can boost your HHC experience. Terpenes are more than just flavor. Cannabis-derived strains like guava jam, lemon crush, and even our favorite garlic jam not only add delightful variety to your HHC experience but contribute to a holistic and enhanced bodily response.

HHC Puck with Guava Jam CDTs
HHC Syringe
Lemon Crush HHC

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